Literacy For All (LFA) provides one-on-one tutoring for people interested in improving their literacy skills.  Volunteer tutors donate their time to help our students.   LFA improves literacy skills to the most competitive level.  LFA does not duplicate services, and we collaborate with other literacy organizations.


We will serve all students free of charge.  We, however, are asking you to pay a one-time fee of $25 when we match you or your child with a tutor. After that, the tutoring cost will be $10 a session.  We will set up individual payment plans so you can pay whatever you can each month.  Even if you pay $5 a month, that will be helpful to us.  You will not be turned away if you cannot pay.


You will agree to:


  • Pay the suggested fees to the best of his or her ability.


  • Develop a monthly payment plan with a staff member and pay the fees to the best of your ability.


  • Contact your or your child’s tutor if he or she cannot meet for a session.If the student is absent three times without calling the tutor, he or she will be dropped from the program and will wait at least three months to apply.He or she will be charged a $25 re-application fee.


  • Participate in goal directed behavior.We do place limits on how long we can help students.If we feel we have helped you as much as we can or that we have given you the skills to work on your own, we will develop an exit plan with you. Our goal is to help you or your child be an independent learner.


Contact the agency with any address or phone number changes.





By moving on to the registration portion of this process, I state that I am the parent or legal guardian of the registered. As the parent or legal guardian, I give my consent for Literacy For All to provide one-to-one tutoring for my child.


If my child is below the age of ten, I will be on library premises for the duration of the tutoring appointment and will meet the tutor and student at the designated tutoring place on time.


If you leave during the tutoring appointment, and we cannot locate you, we will return your child to the reference desk of the library, and the librarians can follow their policy for parent supervision for children at the library. If my child is eleven or older and they are transporting themselves to and from the library, the child can leave at the end of the session without a parent (i.e. they are walking or riding their bikes home).  I will, however, be available by phone for the duration of the appointment and I, or an adult will be available to pick up the child if needed.


I agree to this agreement and am consenting to tutoring for my child.

Student Agreement Form

Parent Agreement Form

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