Individual Tutoring

Literacy For All (LFA) provides one-on-one tutoring for everyone to be better able to comprehend, interrupt and understand information presented in his or her communities.  LFA will help community members gain political, media and scientific literacy skills, advanced language, reading comprehension and math skills.  We can also provide tutors to help people be ready or succeed in other literacy programs and agencies.  We also help other agencies manage their waiting lists. Anytime there is a literacy need, LFA will meet it!

Here are some examples:

  • Knowing English well enough to communicate to your child’s parents to plan play groups, birthday parties and outings.

  • Knowing ways of learning vocabulary to understand complicated insurance forms.

  • Understanding the healthcare system

  • Knowing how to use and apply critical thinking skills to do effective online research.

  • Completing one last test of the GED

  • Improving study skills to do well in school

“My checking account is constantly overdrawn.  I do not understand all of my transactions and bank fees.”


  • Understanding how to fill out a credit card form

  • Understanding currencies

  • Understanding interest rates

  • Organizing my bills

  • Using online banking and financial apps