Health Communications

The health literacy program help adults understand, comprehend and interpret health related information. Nowadays, health professionals want YOU to research information to make effective decisions. We help adults and families understand health related terminology, how to ask questions to the doctor and to better understand information pertinent to their health. Often when diagnosed with new health relate.


These are some of our health literacy program areas.

  • Recent Diagnosis Help – When being diagnosed with a condition such as diabetics, allergies, asthma or arthritis, it can be difficult to understand home remedies and care, doctor instructions, medications.  Tutors can help you with these issues.

  • Senior Health – Do you need help understanding doctor’s directions?  Do you need to improve the technology skills to research information?

  • Prenatal Health – When expecting a baby, there are a lot of terminology you may not know.  We can help you learn better ways to communicate with your doctor, to understand medical vocabulary and know what to ask your doctor or health care professional.

  • Home Remedies/Home Health Care – Do you need help understanding over the counter medications?  Do you need help understand what to do if you or your child gets sick?  When do you go to the emergency room?  What can you handle at home?  We can help you help you with these questions.


Health Literacy Information – Is there an issue about your health that you would like more help understanding?  We would LOVE to hear from you!  Please contact us!