What does Literacy For All, Inc. do?

Literacy For All, Inc. helps EVERYONE improve his or her literacy skills by Redefining, Reshaping and Rethinking literacy!

We specialize in helping people who already have good literacy skills improve to their most competitive level. We may even help someone with a Master of Arts degree improve his or her literacy skills. Please refer to our program area to the right for our specific services.

How is Literacy For All, Inc. different from other literacy services?

We improve EVERYONE’s literacy skills.  We recruit high level students who WANT to improve their higher level literacy skills. They don’t need basic reading instruction, but need to work on advanced reading comprehension and/or other literacy skills.

We also address unique literacy issues such as political, advanced health and even dating literacy! Consider LIKING us on Facebook to find out more.

Many literacy groups may have a few higher level students, but they may not recruit and target their services for them.


In communities where there is no literacy organization, we then provide comprehensive literacy services to improve that community! Our tutors and volunteers are trained to help students with basic to advanced literacy skills!

Is there a charge to be a student or a member?

We will serve everyone free of charge; however, we ask for a one-time charge

of $25 and $10/session per month. You can pay that, or a portion of that, each month.

We rely on donations, grants and sponsorships to help our students become successful!

If you work for a company, please consider asking them to sponsor an event, provide a donation or join our mailing list.

How do I become a student or a member?


We are excited that you want to be a student/member! Register by filling out our earsy online application (found in each program area to the right), or you can call us at (414) 792-9681. We will get you set up as soon as possible. If you know anyone else who can benefit from our services, please let us know!


How do I become a volunteer?


We are excited you would like to join us! Proceed to the Volunteer/Tutor Tab above. This will lead you through the easy process of becoming a volunteer! You can call us at (414) 792-9681, and we can answer any questions you might have.


What skills are needed to be a volunteer?


We want volunteers with a wide variety of professional backgrounds. It is important that our volunteers are active or recently retired in a profession. We will then train our volunteers in best tutoring practices.


Where does our services take place?


The beauty of our services is that they can occur anywhere! As we are Redefining, Reshaping and Rethinking literacy, we are also Redefining, Reshaping and Rethinking tutoring!


We can run tutoring and mentoring sessions via Facebook, Twitter, Face time, Skype, e-mail or in person!  We can also tutor through any mobile device. Tutoring can also be done in person at a library, healthcare facility, place of employment or any other public place.


How can I make a donation?


Thank you for thinking of us! You can call us at (414) 792-9681 or donate through our website! Donations help make our services possible!


We provide literacy services through Texting, Facetime, Skype, Email, Twitter or any mobile device invented in the last ten minutes!

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Literacy For All, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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